Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Travel Troubles

Click HERE to download the worksheet

This is a really fun lesson, based on the popular American TV show, Modern Family. In my experience, Modern Family is a great show for teaching ESL. The humor translates perfectly across cultural boundaries, and yet every student in Asia will notice elements of life that are totally alien to them.
One topic that you wouldn't think Modern Family was helpful for is... travel! However, if you can get your hands on a copy of the episode, "Airport 2010" (S01E22), then you have a brilliant lesson.
When I first taught this lesson, my students already knew about Modern Family as I'd used it to cover the topic of family in previous weeks. If your students don't know it, however, then it doesn't matter. You can use the first page of the download to talk about the characters. If you are dealing with lower level students, it's best to introduce their names, backgrounds, and personalities first. With a higher class, however, I like to challenge them to hear the name and write it down.
Either way, let the students watch the show without too much talking beforehand. You don't want to bore them before it starts...
Assign each student a character from the show, and tell them that every character will encounter some sort of "travel trouble." Tell them they must listen and after the show has finished, they should write about these problems.
In the meantime, as the show plays, they should listen and complete the gap-fill exercise. This helps them with their listening skills and if you are dealing with high level students, you can tell them it's good for their IELTS abilities, which it is.

Click HERE to download the worksheet

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